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Metallic 2oz | 055 - Antique Gold

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Cernit Metallic is a premium metallic and extremely soft polymer clay. Use it to give a metallic touch to your canes, jewelry or decorative objects. The Metallic colors are perfect to give a realistic look, especially when sanded and polished. 

Cernit polymer clay can be baked several times. If after finishing you want to add decorative elements such as buttons, butterflies or other forms created using silicone molds, the total piece can be placed again in the oven with the new elements.

Alex's Tip: This line of polymer clay does not require conditioning, but it is still recommended depending on the technique you want to do. It may be beneficial to use directly from the package so experiment with clay.

All images include a smooth/baked Mica Shift sample to make choosing colors easier, but keep in mind, depending on your device the appearance my differ.