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Fimo Professional | Ochre 2oz

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The oven-hardening modelling clay from STAEDTLER meets the highest requirements of professional clay users. It enables you to create highly detailed results and is, therefore, the ideal material for making jewellery, dolls and much more. 

Modelling clay with excellent dimensional stability for professional users and true FIMO artists

FIMO professional is oven-hardening modelling clay. As the product has a much firmer consistency compared to  FIMO soft or  FIMO kids, skilled FIMO designers will also benefit from the advantage of being able to create intricate items and sculptures that are dimensionally stable. FIMO professional is therefore particularly suitable for:

  • Adults
  • Advanced users
  • Amateur artists
  • Professionals

However, in addition to its excellent dimensional stability, the product is also extremely pliable. It is therefore a lot easier to work with the modelling clay to achieve the desired result.

High-quality products in vibrant colours for your creative projects.