Pre-Order Information:

  • Pre-Orders are closed Every Friday at 3:00PM (Atlantic Time)
  • By placing a Pre-Order, you agree that you understand the following:
    • No pre-orders are guaranteed.
    • Pre-Orders can take up to 14 days to finalize.
    • Refunds will be issued for items that cannot be ordered on day 15.
    • Pre-Orders may be charged separately for shipping, depending on what is ordered and how you choose to ship your items.  
    • Additional discounts (Creative Rewards) will not apply to Pre-Order items.


In Other Words:

  • By placing a Pre-Order, you are allowing me to "hold" on to your money for up to 14 days. If I cannot ship your order (or there are any missing items) they will be refunded on day 15 or earlier.
  • Pre-Orders are closed on a weekly basis. However, it's unlikely to take 14 days to find out if I can get your items. This is just a "grace period" to allow me to contact suppliers and order items.

If something happens and the entire order gets canceled, I will refund your order and contact you immediately. 


Current Pre-Order Period: Is shown at the very top of every Do Creative web page. This date is subject to change, without notice, based on size of orders, and items available. 


Please contact me with any questions or concerns.