Stampin' Up! Products

Many of Stampin' Up! Products are Polymer Clay Compatable. Large orders from them cost alot extra when shipping is added at 11% your order. I want to save you the money of shipping with them, while still saveing a little off Catalogue Price!

My 20% Discount isnt really a discount unless my orders are big. By you purchasing anything off this store, you are adding the item to My Personal Order, which will then be split up and reshipped to you.

So, What Works With Clay?

Alcohol Markers ($12), Red Rubber Stamps($25-$35), Photopolymer Stamps($20-$30, Re-Inkers ($5) (mixed with 99% alcohol), Embossing Powder, Ribbon to Package Orders, Decorative Paper for Backdrops or Thank You Cards, Etc.

Items listed are just a few of the options available. Check out if your not interested in anything you see here, there is pleanty more available and I can open a custom order at any time!

See Whats Here at DC

You are also more then welcome to support me directly through Stampin' Up! - Click the button below to start a order, or just go check out what they have to offer!

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